Our story

Our Story

Great cat lovers, every member of our family, from the youngest to the oldest, we have always had little cats around us, from kittens gathered from the garbage dumps to Burmese cats, Norwegian Forest and Scottish Fold.

At the age of only a few months, for our dear Misty the sterilization operation was fatal, her heart giving in to anesthesia. Misty, now in the Heaven of Cats. She was a Scottish Fold kitten - who, although from a "breeder" - had in her genetic line two of the breed-specific conditions, one of which was a cartilage problem, Osteochondrodysplasia and the other - Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy or HCM for short - discovered at autopsy ...

Her loss in this way revolted and motivated us at the same time.

This painful experience helped us to make the decision to join the great family of true cat breeders and to contribute in a correct way to the growth of not only beautiful cats, but especially healthy and who bring only joy many years in the lives of the families they will be part of.

Family members

Below you can see our family


The king and obviously the head of the family


Our first queen (withdrawn)


Our loving little girl


The queen with ”tortitude”


Mitted lynx queen