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Welcome to Beautyfur Dolls Cattery and in the world of lovers of the sweetest cat breed in the world: Ragdoll

Beautyfur Dolls is a small home-based cattery, located in Craiova, Romania.
We are members of FIFe (Feline International Federation), to which we are affiliated through the Feline Association SOFISTICAT, a member of the Romanian National Felinological Federation.

Our love for the Ragdoll breed came from the first moment we saw how adorable these kittens are, wanting these wonderful cats to bring more joy to our loving and welcoming home.

So we got FLOKI from POPDOLLS*RO, the boy and, of course, the head of the family - the first member of our family of Ragdoll pedigree kittens home-raised. Then, 3 months later, TAYLOR SWIFT from AQUAMARINEDOLLS*HU, our loving little girl, also appeared in our lives.

All our "dolls" are free to walk, sleep and play in every corner of the house and enjoy our love day and night. They have not been and will never be caged, because they always need attention and affection, given the fact that Ragdoll is an extremely sociable breed.

They make our every day more beautiful, through their loving personality, the blue eyes that we never get tired of looking at and their way of being PURRly adorable.

You will meet them here on our website, and we are convinced that you will fall in love with them, as we did from the first moment we saw them! 

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Craiova, Romania

Ooor at

+4 0742 102 111

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“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmung Freud


"What greater gift than the love of a cat?" – Charles Dickens


"Cats are great at what humans can't do: get through life without making a sound." – Ernest Hemingway

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We give every feline that leave our cattery all the love and affection that anyone can imagine.
In this way, every feline lover will get what he deserves!

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Years of experience

Our story

Great cat lovers, every member of our family, from the youngest to the oldest, we have always had little cats around us, from kittens gathered from the garbage dumps to Burmese cats, Norwegian Forest and Scottish Fold.

At the age of only a few months, for our dear Misty...

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